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A dynamic and efficient company.
Your ideal partner for building and heating your home.


We only sell top quality pellets and wood briquets, mainly from Eastern European producers. All products are EnPlus A1 certified.

Wood building materials

We are able to provide all the building materials necessary for the construction of a wooden house or some parts, such as the roof.

Prefabricated Houses

Single insulated wall or insulated double layer habitable houses. Thick walls, double-glazed doors and windows ensure perfect insulation.


BE.FLA.MA.RI. IMPORT Sp. z o.o. deals with the sale of wooden products. We mainly deal with the import and marketing of wood pellets and briquettes, wooden building materials and wooden houses.
All following scrupulously all EU directives.

Since 1988 BE.FLA.MA.RI. IMPORT Sp.z o.o. unites different sectors of eco-productivity, in collaboration with other companies in that sector and with particular attention to eco-sustainability.

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